Yunnan Province

Yunnan province is one of the most visited places by families in China, as it offers diverse and wide-ranging activities for families to enjoy their holidays. If you are interested in giving the alluring province of Yunnan a visit this come holiday, you may contact a reliable travel agent in China to help you make the most out of your holiday. There are also various tour companies in China whose services you may avail, such as Orientis DMC. It is one of the most known and reputable tour companies in China and can help you plan an enjoyable trip around the Yunnan province so that you may experience the most in a limited amount of time.

Yunnan Province is famous for offering numerous family activities for tourists, and you may ensure to apprise your travel agent in China of your interest, to have a memorable holiday experience in the company of your family and loved ones. Two of the major attractions for families in Yunnan are its widely acknowledged cooking classes and bicycle trips.

Cooking Classes

Tourists and visitors have ample opportunities in Yunnan to experience and enjoy Chinese cooking, getting a deeper inside into Chinese taste and culinary secrets. There are various culinary schools in Yunnan that offer special cooking classes and tours for tourists, which are one of the major activities that are participated in by families visiting the province. They have specialised chefs to train tourist families, who tell them all there is to know about Chinese cuisine. The families take back with them a part of authentic Chinese culture when they return to their homelands.

Chinese food is one of the most preferred cuisines all around the world and what better time it will be to learn about authentic Chinese flavours when visiting the place itself, in the company of your family. Hence, on your trip to Yunnan, make sure to ask your travel agent in China or one of the tour companies in China which you may have hired, to make it a point to create space for Chinese cooking classes in your travelling schedule.

Bicycle Trips

Bicycle trips are another one of the major attractions for visiting families in Yunnan. Bike trails seem to be sketched all across the province and you and your family can travel along these trails on bikes to witness the picturesque landscapes and natural sceneries. A bicycle trip through the natural terrains and landscapes provides you with a much needed break from the city noise, as you may experience and enjoy the serenity of natural setting in the joyful company of your family. Particularly travelling the bike trail that paves through the northern-eastern region of the Yunnan province, you will be able to witness and capture breathtakingly awe-inspiring natural scenery that is to stay in your mind all throughout your life.

Visiting Yunnan with your family and missing out on bicycle trips may prove to be huge disappointment for you later. Therefore, whenever you plan a trip to Yunnan, make sure that your travel agent in China or any of the tour companies in China that you may hire include bicycle trips in your travelling plans.