Yungang Grottoes UNESCO

If you are interested in exploring world heritage sites, what better place may it be other than China to plan a trip to? The country is scattered with various UNESCO world heritage sites that are a remarkable historic sites and provide deep insight into history. One such site is Yungang Grottoes and you may contact one of the best China tour companies to be able to make the most out of your exploratory visit. In China, tour operators offer their specialised services to help you explore the historical site of Yungang Grottoes, and availing their services is the ideal option to get to know all there is to this UNESCO heritage site.

Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2001, Yungang Grottoes is one of the four largest Grottoes present in China. It epitomises the historical depiction of Buddhist art and sculpture and may be studied to learn about Buddhist art and sculpture of the ancient times. The caves of Yungang can be found at the south of Wuzohou Mountain, in the Shanxi province.

Today, Yungang Grottoes is recognised as one of the most monumental sites that display Buddhist cave art whose origin may be traced back to the 5th and 6th centuries. The historic structure holds 252 caves along its entire area, as well as, artfully created 51,000 Buddhist statues. To witness these classic pieces of art, one of the best China tour operator companies, Orientis DMC, offers its valuable services to guide you through your journey of exploring historical Buddhist heritage stored in Yungang Grottoes. Having the most knowledgeable tour operators in China, planning a trip through the assistance of Orientis DMC, you will be able to learn the most about Yungang Grottoes within a limited time period.

The caves and sculptures are believed were first carved out of sandstone, during the Northern Wei Dynasty in 453 AD. Initiated under the sponsorship of monk Tan Yao, the entire construction period of Yungang Grottoes spanned over a considerable time period of fifty years. The historical site marks the first high of Buddhist art and sculpture in China. Its caves and sculptures are designed with utmost accuracy to depict an overall unity in terms of design and layout.

Today, most of the best China tour companies make sure to include this classic depiction of art and history in their tour plans. Most of the tour operators in China suggest that a trip remains incomplete if one misses out on the opportunity to visit Yungang Grottoes. And surely it may be the case, as Yungang Grottoes does not only display art and sculptures, but it actually provides a narrative of the evolution of art, culture and music during the 5th and 6th centuries. Its splendid structure and complex carving unravel a story of the Buddhist past in the region.

It is believed that Yungang Grottoes is a result of the efforts of 40,000 Buddhist sculptors and artists. Recognising Yungang Grottoes as a significant projection of classic Buddhist cave art, it tops the list of recommended sites to visit of some of the best China tour companies and majority of the professional tour operators in China.