Yangshuo – A Family Adventure

Yangshuo is renowned for its astonishing beauty and authentic Chinese cultural landscape. The area contains an impressive history and still today embodies much of the rural charm which still composes so much of China today. Both the area’s unique, mountainous terrain, its ancient simplicity, and its warm climate create a magical setting for families to delve a little deeper into the adventure China can offer.

Bamboo Rafting down the Li River

The Li river cruise is one of the most popular ways to visit the majestic Li River; touring down the route from Guilin to Yangshuo can provide some spectacular views and while offering a calm and peaceful journey. However, for the more adventurous family who don’t want to be loaded on with the other cruises, a bamboo raft offers the most up front and authentic experience of the river; seeing it as the locals do. The bamboo raft is a tradition stretching back centuries, and although they now tend to be made of plastic pipes rather than the harder to acquire bamboo, they still haven’t lost that raw cultural honesty which is like staring into the past. Bamboo rafting offers more for families to have the opportunity to stop, explore the landscape they are around, and get their hands and feet immersed in one of the world’s most renowned beauty spots.

West Street

The bustling West Street in Yangshuo is the oldest street in the town with a history of over 1,400 years.  The street offers both a combination of the history it is still able to hold, along with the being a modern cultural and language hub, where many foreign students come to enjoy their advanced studies. The area is extremely prosperous and alive with life and is an excellent opportunity to witness how the fusion of Chinese cultural history is kept alive in the pursuit of advanced modern education and internationalism.

Moon Hill

Moon Hill is a unique rock formation seen from Fenglou Village, which is a huge section of rock with a round moon sharped hole in the centre. The rock adds to the peculiarity of the landscape, which itself is a wonderfully distinct range of miniature mountains shaped in a way not seen in many other parts of the world.  Moon Hill screams for the mysticism of adventure, inviting guests to cast their minds back to the magical events which must have taken place under the unusual formation, both mythical and real. Legend has it that images of ancient immortals were able to be spotted on the moon’s surface. Families seeking to know the truth of myths like these and others may love to get off the beaten track and find their way to historical relics such as these.

For those more adventurous families, take a venture down into Yangshuo and get immersed in the captivating landscape and nostalgically native culture which the area still brews with to this day.