The Best All Year Hands on Experiences for Groups

Let’s be honest, when going away with a big group of people we like to get our hands dirty. Any excuse to get excited, get involved in some teamwork, break some boundaries and maybe even interact with that one person we’ve had our eye on for the whole trip. Beloe some of our the highlight groups experiences we think aren’t worth missing when looking for an opportunity to both make the most of China’s exciting surroundings and get to know those you are doing it with a little better.

Group Hutong Tour

Hutong are Beijing’s charming and characteristic neighbourhoods which have preserved their traditional Chinese style and driven themselves into protection after being revered by nationals and internationals alike. The districts are now being protected as cultural heritage sites with fewer than 1,000 remaining after the number sat at around 3,250 just 60 years ago. The areas are now a great place to get a tour on just about the only thing able to navigate their narrow and winding alleys; a rickshaw. A rickshaw tour of the Hutong is a great way for a hands on group experience, get lost in the daily life of Beijing and still get surprise run ins with other friends as you navigate and get knee deep in the city.

Volunteer Panda Programme

We know by now that to truly get to know China is to have to get to know the Panda. The majestic and cuddly beast is at the heart of what springs to mind when we think of Chinese wildlife, and is even many people’s main reason for visiting the country. The bear has taken on titanic  status and is beloved by the entire world, and so why not use it as an opportunity to make friends? That squeezable loveliness is a great thing to hijack and have rub off on you, and what better way to do it than through the Dujiangyan Volunteer Panda Programme. This experience offers groups the opportunity to truly get their hands dirty, getting up close and personal with the captivating panda. The glow of the lovable bear is yours for the taking.

Great Wall at Mutianyu

The Great Wall is so named because of the great thousands of tourists which visit it every day, but not at Mutianyu. Mutianyu is a part of the wall lesser known to tourist and retains the peace and tranquillity of the wall’s historic days at the onslaught of the Mongol Empire. The area is not only lesser trodden but also contains a chair lift up and toboggan ride down. This can be a great way to get a hands on group experience and with the Great Wall itself, as well as move a large number of people down a mountain very fast.

So there we have it, some of the finest Group Experiences recommended for within China. Strap on and get those hands dirty with the some of the most interactive experiences which can make your China experience.