Orientis DMC had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by the Qingdao Tourism Bureau in London on July 11th.

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of, and promote, the Chinese city of Qingdao as an enjoyable and interesting destination for overseas visitors. The Qingdao Tourism Bureau places great importance on such promotional events, and Orientis DMC looks forward to helping the UK’s holidaymakers and tour operators to discover the benefits of visiting this unique destination.

An overview of Qingdao Tourism

The historic city of Qingdao is situated in Shandong Province, Eastern China on the coast of the Yellow Sea. This scenic sea-side location means that Qingdao enjoys fresher, cleaner air than some of its inland counterparts.
One instantly noticeable feature of the city is its unique architecture, as Qingdao became a German concession and the first European colony on mainland China in 1897. The abundance of beautifully-preserved and historic German buildings has earned Qingdao the nickname ‘China’s Switzerland’. The German colonists were also responsible for an aspect of the city which has become world-famous. In 1903 they established the Germania-Brauerei, which would later become the Tsingtao Brewery and produce China’s best-known beer.
Today, Qindao is both a popular beach resort and a modern city that boasts a full complement of historic and cultural attractions, entertainment and recreational facilities, excellent shopping and a distinctive cuisine featuring the seafood for which this coastal port is renowned.

Qingdao’s Tourism Highlights

Qingdao’s abundant and diverse attractions include something to delight every visitor. Among the city’s highlights are:

  • Zhōngshān and Tàipíngshān Park. These connected parks cover a vast area and are a wonderful green oasis in the city, featuring flower gardens, cherry trees and lakes. Qīngdǎo’s largest temple – Zhànshān Temple – is situated within the parks, as is the city’s Television Tower which, accessible by cable-car, provides spectacular panoramic views of the city and coast.
  • The Museum of the Former German Governor’s Residence. At the heart of Qingdao’s historical district, the former home of the German Governor is an outstanding example of period German architecture and retains many of its original and authentic European furnishings.
  • Qingdao Beer Museum. Housed in a stunning red-brick Gothic building, this unique museum charts the history of Qingdao’s brewing heritage from its German origins to the present day.
  • Shilaoren Beach. Qingdao boasts several beaches but Shilaoren, a huge, family-friendly beach with cleans sands, inviting waters and cafes in easy reach is often voted the best by locals and visitors alike.

Qingdao International Beer Festival

Qingdao’s annual International Beer Festival has become a landmark event on the city’s calendar. Established in 1991 to celebrate Qingdao’s centenary, the festival is jointly sponsored by national state ministries and the Qingdao Municipal Government and is Asia’s rival to Germany’s famous Oktoberfest.
Held each August, Qingdao’s two-week International Beer Festival invites brewers from all over the world to showcase their beers alongside China’s brewers. This joyous event features a grand opening ceremony and concert, firework displays, parades and competitions and is an unmissable and fun event for citizens and visitors alike.

Find out more about Qingdao

Qingdao represents an excellent China holiday destinations for overseas visitors. If you’d like to find out more about the city and its attractions please contact one of Orientis DMC’s travel specialists at enquiry@orientis-dmc.com for any further information.