Macau White Dolphin and Beaches

Once in a while people plan vacations to relax and choosing the perfect spot for your next destination is very important in order to have a great time with your friends or family. Speaking of vacations and tourist destinations, a place that has always been on top of the list is Lantau Island.

Lantau Island is the largest island in Hong Kong located at the mouth of the Pearl River. Hong Kong is one of the Special Administrative Regions of China while the other one of Macau. While Lantau is situated in at the mouth of Pearl River, Macau lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong.

Lantau Island is one of those places that you cannot miss to visit once you get an opportunity and even if you do not, it is must for everyone to try and visit it at least once in your lifetime. Well, you must be thinking what is so special about the very popular Lantau Island and also Macau? To start off, you can witness the Chinese White Dolphins while you are there and how can you ignore the amazing beaches in Macau.

Once you are in Macau you cannot miss the opportunity to go and blow off some steam at the amazing beaches in Macau. Especially the Hac Sa Beach which is the largest natural beach in Macau and popular for its black sand.

Many people might already be aware of the famous White Dolphins found in China and are seen freely near the Lantau Island. The Chinese White Dolphins are popularly known as the Pink Dolphins because of their beautiful rosy complexion. Due to these White Dolphins, Lantau Island is popular for dolphin watching tours.

As Lantau Island is a natural habitat of these rare Chinese White Dolphins, there are several Dolphin Watching Tours that tourists can take and enjoy these beautiful dolphins at their best. There are many local itinerary and boat tours that you can perhaps select and enjoy watching the dolphins. The prices of these tours are quite reasonable and vary for people of different age groups. There are some luxury boat cruise rides and some local boat rides that you can select and enjoy your dolphin tour in. The best part of these boat and boat cruise tours is that the sightings of the dolphins are guaranteed however, if you do not see them on the tour then you may simply join in for free on the next tour.

For a much better experience you may contact tour operators in China. There are many travel agents in China who may help and guide you perfectly throughout your trip and ensure that you have a great time.

So the next time you are picking a spot for you next destination, do not forget to add Lantau Island to your list. There are not many places where you are able to enjoy such natural beauty of some rare animals. And the opportunity to witness these amazing Chinese White Dolphins in their natural habitat is something you have to try during your lifetime.