Huangshan Yellow Mountain UNESCO

Huangshan Yellow Mountains are one of the top tourist attractions in China, and every travel agency in China recommends a visit to the scenic site of Huangshan Yellow Mountain. Today, tour operators and China can be approached if you want to plan a visit to the country and explore all that it has to offer, from history to culture, and Huangshan Yellow Mountain is to definitely make it to your list of places to visit in China.

Located in the Anhui province, Huangshan Yellow Mountain is one of the most renowned mountains that define the Chinese topography. Also known as the Yellow Mountains, it presents breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery. Accounts describing Huangshan Yellow Mountain, as found in the historic Chinese literature and art, refer to this sculpture of nature as the most beautiful mountain that inhabits the land of China. Due to its scenic and natural beauty, this mountain is ranked by various travel agencies in China and tour operators in China as one of the most appreciated tourist attractions in the country, in line with the Great Wall of China.

Initially known as Mount Yishan, the mountain was renamed as Huangshan Yellow Mountain in 747 AD, after the renowned Hung Di who is believed to be making immortality pills on this very mountain. With the widespread appreciation of the mountain’s beauty and the recognition of its historical link, it was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1991. Its granite peaks and monumental structure serves as a source of inspiration for many poets, artists, authors, sculptors and all those who witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Huangshan Yellow Mountain.

Huangshan Yellow Mountain may easily be reached by a bus from the nearby towns or cities or you may also consider the options of availing the services of a travel agency in China or tour operators in China to guide you through your expedition.

Huangshan Yellow Mountain is not only appreciated for its beauty and magnificence, but it also serves as an abode for a variety of zoological species and numerous mineral resources. A visit to Huangshan Yellow Mountain is a holistic experience of interacting with the nature and a travel agency in China or tour operators in China make it a point to include this natural site in their tour plans. Mountain Huangshan is famous for holding the five natural wonders of winter, which include winter snowscapes, uniquely shaped pines, hot springs, eccentric geological formation and a presentation of clouds that may only be imagined otherwise.

The compelling natural beauty of Huangshan Yellow Mountain is one of the major reasons why most of the tourists express their interest in paying the mountain side a visit. If you too want to witness this wonder of nature, Orientis DMC is a renowned travel agency in China and it may be approached to assist you with your tour through the natural and historic monuments in the country. Availing its services, you will be able to make the most out of your visit.