How a China DMC can help: The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Beijing has won the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, becoming the first city to be a host of both of the famed summer and winter events. With it comes all of the inevitable planning, excitement, and preparation which comes with a slow build up to such a worldwide event. Here is our introduction to what you need to know and how a China DMC can help you to be ready for another Beijing explosion onto the world stage.

What to look for in your Accommodation

Be sure to line up exactly where you are intending to stay before you travel. In the fast-paced line-up of activities, it is important to have a base to know you can crash out in at the end of a long day. And as with all bases, the cosier the better. A China DMC can help to get you into that perfect hotel which feels like home so far from the real thing.

Getting China DMC help with your visa

Prepare your visa long before the departure date for the trip. The Chinese Consulate are known to be thorough so giving yourself enough time to do the necessities like preparing your itinerary and other supporting documents can give you that extra peace of mind. A DMC in China will help you to make those first moves if you can’t bear to begin all that bureaucracy yourself.The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: How a China DMC can help

Preparing for the Culture

While the Olympic event might have international similarities, the surrounding city and the host country can offer many surprises for those unused to such a culture shock. Be sure to educate yourself on some of the local do’s and don’t or make good contact with a local who can show you the ropes. Booking with a China DMC provides you with on ground support around the clock so you can be sure to feel like a local.

Making the most of the sports

There is a whole range of sports and events to familiarise yourself with before you make the trip out there. It is worth doing your homework to be able to surprise yourself with the variety of experiences and talents being demonstrated at this unique event.  Check out guides and qualifier events to get the bug for your favourite sportsmen and women to champion. A DMC in China knows the ground enough to coordinate your tour even for unique events such as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.


Orientis DMC is a leading China DMC benefiting from both joint Western and Chinese Ownership and management. With over 10 years giving you the peace of mind to know you are supported by a company which will help you land safely in Beijing for one of the world’s greatest events.