Family season – Chengdu: Kung Fu Panda Experience

Chengdu, the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province, is famous for its definitive cuisine and regional dishes. The area is also of course home to the famous Giant Panda, and plays a key part in the species preservation through the city’s research centre and volunteer programmes. The city is also a gateway to Tibet, and generally is known for its enchanting, and even nostalgic setting, with the mystical setting of the mountain village from Kung Fu Panda supposedly being based on the area. This article will take a walk through the area as a family destination, and look at some of the best family activities and sights in the area.

Panda Research Centre

The Panda Research Centre is one of the leaders in panda protection, breeding, and is a great spot for people to come and visit the famous animal. The centre is supposedly the spot where the producers of Kung Fu Panda came originally to get inspiration, and first drew sketches for the main character, later to be played by jack black. The centre.

Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng is the inspiration behind the magical Po’s village, the mountain in the hills where the lead character Po finds himself as a trainer of the next generation of heroes. The real location itself is an ancient Taoist temple, and amongst the most important of the religion’s centers across all of China. The sits is supposedly the site of the Yellow Emperor’s studies with Ning Fengzhi. The mountain itself was the famous place where Chinese philosopher Zhang Ling originally founded the doctrine of Taoism itself.

Sixth Sense Resort

The Sixth sense resort sits right underneath the mountain itself, and it a great place to stay and soak up the sanctity of the area. The resort offers children and adult activities, giving families the chance to get fully immersed in the cultural experience which inspired the movies and have everybody be satisfied and entertained in the process.

Kung Fu Class

A Kung Fu class is the best way to truly get into the experience and live the spirit of the movies. Kung Fu is the backbone of the film series as well as a key historical player in Chinese history. The practice stretches far beyond martial arts and involves integrating patience, energy control and time to arrive at an integrated state of being. The classes offer a great way to sharpen one’s own inner peace as well as craft that one inch punch!

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