Exciting Entertainment Opportunities for Groups

China offers some of the most exciting opportunities for groups to experience the joy of cultural and historical entertainment and shows. This article will take a look at some of our favourite group experiences and why they are must see’s when visiting China with groups.

Kung Fu Revelations 9 Scrolls show

Deep in the heart of China lies the mysterious and enchanting Shaolin Temple and its historic claim on birth of Kung Fu within China and across the world. The Shaolin Monks are famed across the world for their uniquely expressed practice of ancient spirituality and discipline of martial arts. The Kung Fu Revelations Show encapsulates this mesmerising history and art form perfectly in a show which is performed at its home in Luoyang, Henan. The show combines both energetic and graceful displays of the impressive skills of the monks involved, making sure to include elements of humour to create an all-round unmissable show. This is one of our favourite less know and more untrodden entertainment experiences for groups in China.

Impression Show

The Impression Show In Yangshuo is one of Chinas impressive grand scale and outdoor shows which combines all of the visual and auditory elements of a well orchestrated show, but across the backdrop of the unrivalled Yunnan landscape. The valleys and hills are all incorporated into this unique experience, which portrays the story of the exceptionally beautiful fairy and singer Sanjie Liu, amongst the mysterious and magical mountains that dot surrounding Guilin. The show is an important opportunity for the area to show off both its finest performance capabilities, with acts demonstrating orchestration on mass, as well it’s the beautiful and unique expanse of the area. Both are wonderful experience for groups to engulf themselves within.

That concludes a short look into a couple of our favourite group entertainment opportunities across China. Check back in next time for more.