E’meishan Mountain Scenic Area, UNESCO Heritage Site

The historic E’meishan Mountain in the Sichuan province of China is home to the first Buddhist temple built in the region and is a recommended site to visit by most if the travel agents in China. Today, best China tour operators make sure to include E’meishan Mountain and Leshan Giant Buddha as must-visit places in their tour plans.

The historic Buddhist temple on E’meishan Mountain was built in 1st century A.D. and today it stands as a site of immense tourists’ interest, as it marks the origin of Buddhism in China. Due to its unique appearance on the peak of E’meishan Mountain, Leshan Giant is recognised as an exotic monument of the ancient Buddhism. Today, travel agents in China not only recommend a visit to E’meishan Mountain and Leshan Giant to commemorate the origin of Buddhism in the region, but also to get a deeper insight into the philosophy of Buddhism, as the numerous other  Buddhist temple today stand erected on the mountain, surrounding the Leshan Giant.

If you are planning to visit and explore China, you may avail the assistance of some of the best China tour operators, who may not only facilitate your journey to E’meishan Mountain and Leshan Giant, but they may also be able to apprise you about the remarkably diverse species of plants that inhabit the mountain. Various tour operator companies and travel agents in China offer their services to tourists, such as Orientis DMC, which is a reputable and recognised China tour operators. Availing the services of Orientis DMC, you will be better able to explore E’meishan Mountain, Leshan Giant and their historic significance for ancient and present day Buddhism.

Today, E’meishan Mountain is acknowledged as one of the four most sacred places of Buddhism in China, due to numerous temples that abound it. Not only E’meishan Mountain has historic and religious importance, but it holds elements that are a depiction of eccentric and rich culture, which has been created over a time span of many years. Consequently, realising the importance of E’meishan Mountain and Leshan Giant in diverse aspects, these were declared as sites of world cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO. Travel agents in China and best China tour operators relate to these sites as one of the most attractive prospects for tourists who visit China, due to their historic and cultural charm.

The statue or sculpture of Leshan Giant Buddha, carved out of the hillside in 8th century A.D. It is the largest Buddhist sculpture in the world today extending to a remarkable height of 71 metres. Apart from Leshan Giant, Buddhist temples and other sculptures, what adds to the historic and religious value of the E’meishan Mountain is the visit by the Bodhisattava Puxian in 6th century A.D. Since then, the mountain holds immense importance to Buddhists all around the world.

To witness that scenic beauty of E’meishan Mountain and to get a deeper insight into Buddhism, you may contact Orientis DMC, a Chinese tour operator to plan a visit to China this coming vacation.