If you’re new to the world of destination management organisations and wondering what they do and how they might be able to help your business, China destination specialists Orientis DMC can help. This handy guide answers the most frequently asked questions about destination management services, the companies that offer them and the benefits they provide.

What is a destination management company?

Typically catering both for business and recreational clients, a destination management organisation can arrange tours, activities and events based upon their in-depth knowledge and experience of a particular country or countries.

The best destination management organisations will have a permanent presence in the countries in which they specialise enabling them to establish relationships with reputable local businesses on behalf of clients. The services offered by DMCs include the arrangement of local accommodation, transportation, restaurant reservations, business meeting and conference bookings, bespoke tours and excursions and other logistical tasks.

How does a destination management organisations differ from a tour operator?

Tour operators and travel agents deal directly with the end consumer, i.e. the individual holidaymaker or business traveller. Destination management organisations work with larger agencies, such as the tour operators or travel agencies themselves.

What are the benefits of using a destination management organisation?

A destination management organisation acts as its client’s partner in a foreign country, facilitating the client’s requirements and overcoming any cultural or language barriers which the client might otherwise have struggled with.

Good destination management organisations foster beneficial relationships with reputable local vendors and service providers. This ensures that clients receive quality services, whilst the DMC’s purchasing power usually enables these to be contracted at a more favourable price than the client would receive if approaching the supplier directly.

Extensive ‘on-the-ground’ local knowledge means that the best destination management organisations always have the latest information about new venues, attractions and experiences that may be of interest to visitors and incorporated into tours or excursions.

Since destination management services encompass all aspects of planning, logistics, supplier management and negotiation, service level and quality control and budgetary management, the greatest benefit of using a destination management company is that all of the client’s work is done for them and in the most timely and cost-effective manner.

What should I look for when choosing a destination management organisation?

Your first step in narrowing the search for a suitable destination management organisation should be to focus upon those which are specialists in your chosen country or destination. Orients DMC, for example, are leading specialists in China destination management.

Further selection criteria which you can apply when choosing a DMC include:

  • Local presence – does the company have a permanent base in the destination?
  • Experience – how long has the company been offering destination management services?
  • Suitability – do they offer the precise destination management services you’re looking for?
  • Reputation – is the organisation well regarded in the industry and by its clients? Can it provide testimonials from satisfied clients?

About Orientis DMC

We are a professional China destination management company with offices based in China, Europe and the Middle East. Benefiting from joint Chinese and western ownership we deliver a full suite of quality and cost-effective destination management services.

Established for more than a decade we have the in-depth local knowledge and experience, we can produce unique and bespoke China tours and experiences for tour operators and travel agencies, allowing them to introduce their customers to the very best that China has to offer.

To find out more about our destination management services and how they can benefit you, please contact our friendly team now.