When visiting China, no matter how long one goes for, it is often felt like not enough. The rich and diverse landscape, the impressive history, the world famous culture, and the emerging economy all offer just a window into the experience possible in the country. Making the most of China can be like bailing out the sea with a bucket, so where do we begin when we feel drawn to explore it?

To have a fully compressive experience when travelling we suggest breaking the trip down into three elements; culture, cuisine and evening activities to navigate truly the most of all China has to provide. This post will be the first in a four-part series on the comprehensive China experience and will go further into to the ways to explore the best of what China has to offer.

CultureXi'an City Wall

The culture of China is as diverse as it is rich and is often the starting point for any exploration we might set out to do on our travels. Stretching from the grand and unmistakable such as the great wall, down to the charming and accessible, such as the square dancing popping up across China, culture is the life blood of our trip. With ancient history, current events, and future dreams and hopes of the people, culture is the crux of where to go and the story that unravels into a deep love and understanding for where we are.


CuisineChinese Peking Duck Dinner

The cuisine of China is of course world famous, with the dishes itself traveling almost as far as the reputation. However when it comes to exploring the dishes on offer it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. If the intimidating characters and the unknown of ingredients don’t get you then the variety certainly will. But, after trying classics like the Peaking Duck once, it can be more than worth your while to venture off course. To taste China is to know it like the locals. Being experimental with what and where to meet can make or break your comprehensive China experience.

Evening activities

The evening activities of China are a direct window into what the Chinese people want to demonstrate about themselves; the height of the celebration of their culture. For this reason they are not to be missed and they take their rightful place at the crest of our trips and stored within our memories. From the Beijing Golden Mask Show to the Song of Everlasting Sorrow in Xian, the evening activities in China are outstanding and a cornerstone to getting to know what China has on offer.

That concludes our introduction. Stay tuned for the next three issues where we will take a further walk our three elements of the ideal comprehensive China experience.