Three more popular Chinese citiesChongqing, Dalian and Shenyang – have joined in a government scheme, announced in 2013, which exempts overseas visitors from China entry visa requirements providing that they remain in the city for a period not exceeding seventy-two hours.

In brief the new rules, effective from 1 January 2014, apply to air travellers from forty-five countries including the UK, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, USA and Canada who hold a valid passport, visas for a third country beyond China and flight tickets for that country departing within 72 hours. Visitors must leave China from the same airport by which they arrived.

The three new cities join Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu which had already relaxed their entry visa requirements for short-stay visitors. China’s 72-hour visa-free transit rules have been implemented to encourage and assist international visitors who wish to capture a flavour of the country and enjoy local sight-seeing tours.

Both visitors and the participating cities stand to benefit from 72-hour visa-free stays in China. Making the country more accessible to overseas travellers offers greater flexibility in their itineraries and the chance to sample the unique sights, experiences, culture and cuisine found in different regions. In turn, the cities involved can expect increased tourist revenue and greater international promotion.

Highlights of China’s newest 72-hour Visa-free Cities

Each of the three most recent cities to adopt China’s 72-hour visa-free transit scheme has plenty to offer visitors during a brief stay.

Vibrant Chongqing offers numerous highlights including the People’s Liberation Monument which stands at the centre of a plaza reminiscent of New York’s Times Square, Chaotianmen Port; the perfect place to take a short sight-seeing cruise where the Jialing and Yangtze rivers meet, and the magnificent People’s Great Hall of Chongqing.

Shenyang, the largest city in Northeast China and capital of Liaoning Province, boasts a history spanning two thousand years and is the location of the architecturally stunning Shenyang Imperial Palace which dates from the Qing Dynasty. Visitors will also find an abundance of fascinating museums to explore along with excellent modern attractions and shopping opportunities and fine restaurants.

Coastal Dalian, northern China’s largest port, is renowned for its collection of buildings in European architectural styles, its spectacular public squares – and particularly the Russian-colonial Zhongshan Square, its parks and its beaches.

Deriving the maximum benefit from a 72-hour visa-free stay in China

Orientis DMC, one of the UK’s foremost China destination management companies, has the experience and local knowledge necessary to enable visitors to get the most from a 72-hour stay in any of China’s visa-free cities including Chongqing, Dalian and Shenyang.

We can create tailored itineraries that allow visitors to sample the highlights of their destination in accordance with their personal preference, be it shopping, visiting historical landmarks, gaining an insight into local culture or exploring China’s varied and exquisite cuisine.

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