Bespoke Group Foodie Experiences

This article will look at some of our favourite food experiences fitting for bespoke group tours. We hope to bring alive some of China’s best kept and unkept secrets and how they can be enjoyed by some of the more out of the ordinary groups which may wish to be travelling to China. Lets take a look:

Dining on The Great Wall

The Great Wall, being on everyone’s bucket list, must have a way to leave a photo memory that up’s all of the identical selfies which people come away with. Well it does, and that way it: Have dinner on it. Even monumentally historic and iconic world wonders need a touch of class, and that class can be found in a magically lit, top end service dining experience which counts for at least three points on the bucket list. You can’t get more of a blast of China than eating Chinese food on the Great Wall.

Hutong Foodie Experience

For the foodies amongst us that love independent and unique and interesting style cooking, a great thing to experience is some of Beijing’s more classic style cooking from where it is made best; by the locals who live in the area. During a Hutton Tour there is often the chance to stop off at a local’s house and get to experience how the locals live, but a way to top off even that is to get to experience some home cooked food whilst doing it. A really unforgettable way for a group to get a bespoke group foodie experience and taste of the best of Beijing.

Sichuan Cooking Class

Another great opportunity to experience the heart of Chinese cooking is through a Sichuan Cooking Class. Sichuan cuisine and its bold and unmissable flavours has now found its way onto the international stage. A Sichuan cooking class is a great way for big groups to learn how to make renowned classics like Kung Pao Chicken and the mouth-watering Twice cooked pork, as well as great opportunities to try the food and have some fun in the kitchen in the process.

Peaking Duck

It would be impossible to mention unmissable food opportunities in China without mentioning the famous Peaking Duck. The dish originated as a meal for those of the upper echelons of society and has slowly trickled down into a national dish and eventually made its way onto the world stage. The succulent classic is a great way for groups to enjoy dining in style, as the dish is often served alongside lavish and luxury service, as the Chinese show off their hosting skills to those looking to join in the fun.

These are some of our favourite bespoke group foodie experiences which we feel may be suitable for groups. They offer an exciting way to both experience the classics as well as get to know some more alternative and modern angles on China, all within the exciting ruckus of a big group.