Ancient City of Pingyao UNESCO

Pingyao city tops the list of travel agencies in China, as a site of historic importance. It is an accurate presentation of the traditional Han lifestyle and most of the tour operators in China find it as one of the most luring sites for tourists. Founded during the 14th century, Pingyao city has been well preserved to serve as a site of historic study and revelations to all interested individuals around the world. It is situated in the Shanxi province and is archetypical of the rural culture and lifestyle found in the region of Northern China.

Essentially, Pingyao is devoid of ant greenery and extensive natural scenery. The ancient city holds an eccentric charm to it, abounded with buildings and structures of ancient Han architecture. Located at a distance of about 100 kilometres from the city of Taiyuan, you may yourself set out to explore the ancient structures and culture of Pingyao or you may even avail the services of travel agencies in China or tour operators in China, for better convenience.

The city itself is an authentic depiction of the architectural evolution that progressed over a period of five centuries. Ultimately, the setting of the ancient city of Pingyao provides a deep insight into the ancient trends of Chinese town planning and Imperial China. It is a reminder of one of the most progressive phases of the Chinese history. The governmental and residential building are designed and erected in the Ming and Qing styles of architecture mostly and one of the most dominant features of the city’s structures is The City Wall.

The basis for the city was laid down during the reign of Zhou Dynasty, and today its ancient structures unravel a history of more than 2700 years. Considering the rich and eccentric representation of the ancient Chinese culture in the city of Pingyao, if you plan to visit China, a tour around the city can be an educational experience- whether you prefer to travel on your own or hire the services of travel agencies in China or tour operators in China, like Orientis DMC. Orientis DMC is one of the most reputable travel agencies in China, housing some of the best tour operators in China who can make your visit to Pingyao more informative and worthwhile.

Perhaps, apart from The City Wall, some of the other buildings of major interest include banking institutions. Pingyao city was considered as the mecca of Chinese banking during the 19th and 20th centuries and can be of utmost interest to financers and bankers. Probably this is the reasons why the city is believed to have played a major role in the economic development of the Shanxi province, during those times. Since the declaration of the city by UNESCO as a world heritage site, Pingyao has only shown growth in historic and cultural importance and today it is one of the major interests of many tourists and travellers who visit China, particularly for witnessing the much talked about Pingyao City Wall, Shangxiu Temple and Zhenguo Temple.