Activities for Groups

This week we will begin by highlighting some of our favourite group activities and experiences, and hopefully throwing in some of the less known and more interesting experiences that China has to offer.

Sunset/Sunrise Photo Opportunities

China offers some of the most unique and beautiful photo spots across the world, hosting both some of the world’s best known and lest known mesmerising and horizon spanning view. A couple which rank up there are the Tianmen Mountain Road in Zhangjiajie; an amazing route winding up the mountain said to have 99 total turns. The image may be recognisable as a favourite by car advertisements. Another is the Yellow Mountain, an unreal landscape which offers an amazing view of the sunrise/sunset bathing over the surrounding mountains. Both stack up as one of the many outstanding opportunities for groups to experience and reasons to visit China and using a China DMC.

 City Excisions

There’s nothing like being in a big city and being part of a mob. To travel in a group in some of the world’s great cities can have both the feeling of being engulfed, exposed, and whilst at the same time feeling like you own the place. China offers some of the most impressive cities in the world, on all metrics of population, history, and sheer scale. Shanghai, China’s most populous city, has an estimated 23 million people. That’s London times three. There’s nothing like seeing the world’s most historic and influential sights with your travelling gang , or better yet your buddies. Doing the usual sites within the cities with a group, such as The TV Tower in Shanghai can offer another great and memorable dimension to an already interesting and worthwhile experience.

Spa Relaxation

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break and slow down, especially if it’s in the midst of a large and adventurous exploration of a new area. It can be nice to sit back, digest what’s gone on so far, and get spoilt like we only allow on vacation. Groups may love to sink deeper into China and visit some of the lesser-known but highly luxurious resorts hidden amongst rural landscape and mountainous ranges. The Sixth Sense near Chengdu for instance, is a highlight of luxurious seclusion, where groups can feel lost in an unforgettable natural landscape and still be in lavish luxury.

Here are some of the flavours of experiences we would recommend to groups wishing to get away, and have a uniquely China experience and take something unforgettable back home.