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The ancient and beguiling city of Turpan is fast becoming an unmissable destination for visitors to China.

Situated in a mountain basin known as the Turpan Depression in north-eastern China, Turpan is – literally and metaphorically – a hotspot with summer temperatures typically topping 40°C. Tupan is also the second lowest location on earth, after the Dead Sea, at 154 metres below sea level.

Despite these adverse conditions Turpan, irrigated by the ingenious karez system of wells and underground canals, has long been an important oasis and stopping place on Asia’s iconic Silk Route. This rich natural, historical and cultural heritage provides Tupan a wealth of must-see attractions.

In recent times, Turpan’s fertile soil has been used for grape cultivation and in the remarkable Grape Valley, an eight-kilometre stretch of vineyards to the north of the city, walkways hung with grapevines lead through a cool, green haven which starkly contrasts with the arid desert around it.

The unmissable Flaming Mountain, ten kilometres east of Turpan, may be the hottest place on earth. Legend holds that the mountain is formed from the remains of a vast dragon slain by a local hero. In the glow of sunset, Flaming Mountain’s scarlet clay is reminiscent of fire; a sight that is unforgettably beautiful.

Within the city, the stunning new Turpan Museum and the Emin Minaret – the highest in China – are both worthy of note, whilst further afield there are historic tombs and religious sites to explore.


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