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Taiyuan is the capital and largest city in Shanxi Province in northern China. Taiyuan is a large city, home to some 4 million people and has a rich and varied history dating back over 2,500 years. As such, the city possesses many wonderful historical and cultural attractions as well as some stunning scenery, a courtesy of the surrounding countryside and mountains.

Perhaps the most important historical attraction is the ‘Jinci Temple’, a fine example of Chinese Imperial architecture dating back 1,500 years. To the southeast of Taiyuan lies the ‘Twin Pagoda Temple’, an unusual structure in that it contains not one but two towers. It is well worth the ascent as the view from the top is magnificent.

One of the culinary specialities of Taiyuan is Tou Nao, a soup based on Muslim cuisine containing mutton, rice wine and vegetables. Whilst in Taiyuan, it is advisable to sample the local noodle dishes as they are a speciality in Shanxi Province.

The climate of Taiyuan is semi-arid with long winters that are cold and dry. The summer is shorter than in most parts of China, and rainfall is not as high owing to a lessened effect of the monsoon. The optimum time to visit is autumn between September and October, when temperatures are mild and there are fewer dust storms.


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