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Orientis DMC – Shanghai – Oriental Pearl Tower ML (2)
Orientis DMC – Shanghai ML (1)
Orientis DMC – Shanghai ML (2)


The municipality of Shanghai is not only the largest city in China but also arguably the largest anywhere in the world with well over 23 million people. The city is a major global financial centre and the busiest container port in the world. Shanghai has received a vast amount of financial investment in the last 20 years and as such has developed into the thriving metropolis it is today.

Rapidly developing as a tourist destination, Shanghai has many fine attractions. It is tough to choose the best; however, two stand out, the first is ‘Yu Garden’ which lies within the old city. It is said that the five ton solid Jade boulder at its centre was originally destined for the Imperial Palace in Beijing. The other top attraction is the Bund, a huge waterfront promenade with a rich architectural heritage that has been labelled an ‘International Museum of Architecture’.

Like much of China, Shanghai has a warm and humid sub-tropical climate that makes the summer months somewhat unconformable for visitors. The weather is much more favourable in the autumn months of October and November, when rainfall is much lower.


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