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Orientis DMC – Qingdao ML (5)
Orientis DMC – Qingdao ML (6)
Orientis DMC – Qingdao ML (3)


Qingdao is an important city in Shandong Province in eastern China. A large coastal city with more than 8 million inhabitants, Qingdao houses a large naval base and an important sea port, providing major shipping routes throughout East Asia and the rest of the world.

Combining modern industrialism with scenic beauty is not easy to achieve, but this is exactly what Qingdao does. One of the most popular attractions is the ‘No. 1 Bathing Beach’, perhaps China’s best beach, which features gentle waves and clean bathing water. A further top scenic attraction near Qingdao is Laoshan Mountain which abounds in natural beauty and features a stunning waterfall.

Coastal in location, the city specialises in seafood, especially prawn, oysters and squid. All the local sea food is of premium freshness and can be found in most hotel restaurants around the city as well as in some fabulous street markets.

A combination of sub-tropical and temperate climate gives Qingdao warm humid summers, although the proximity to the coast brings a refreshing wind. The autumn is a great time to visit, with temperatures feeling warm and minimal rainfall.