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The ancient city of Pingyao is located within Pingyao County in Shanxi Province. Pingyao is a small county with less than half a million inhabitants and therefore retains most of its historical features making it one of the ‘Four best preserved ancient cities’ in China.

By far, the best known and most popular attraction in Pingyao is its magnificent ancient city walls. The ‘city walls’ are a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are therefore of significant historical importance. Constructed at the beginning of the Ming dynasty in the 14th century, the 12 metre high walls stretch over 6,000 metres around the city.

There are several culinary delights to be found in Pingyao, in particular Wantuoze, which is a popular flat noodle snack, and Pingyao Beef, a local delicacy that has been eaten in this region for more than a thousand years.

Pingyao enjoys a more temperate climate than much of China, owing to its inland location, and therefore has fewer temperature extremes; the spring and autumn are particularly lovely owing to the ambient temperatures and reduced rainfall.