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Orientis DMC – Lhasa – Potala Temple ML
Orientis DMC – Lhasa – Namtso Lake ML (3)
Orientis DMC – Lhasa – Namtso Lake ML (2)


The city of Lhasa sits at one of the highest altitudes of any city in the world. It is the capital of Tibet, technically part of China but running its own autonomous government. Lhasa is a very important destination for Tibetan Buddhists, and houses many working temples and other sites of cultural significance. The Jokhang Temple, the Norbulingka and the Potala Palace are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The city is surrounded by the Himalayas Mountain Range.

Despite its high elevation, Lhasa enjoys a relatively temperate climate with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing point even in the winter. Some suggest that it is protected from intense cold and winds by the mountains that shelter it. Summertime is particularly pleasant in Lhasa, since even during the rainy season the daylight hours are generally dry.

The food to try while visiting Lhasa is the same as that of Tibet. Yak meat is a popular dish, although many Westerners find it too greasy to really enjoy. Yak butter is often added to tea and stewed for a while, and is something of an acquired taste.