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Orientis DMC -Hangzou (5) ML
Orientis DMC -Hangzou (5) ML]
Orientis DMC -Hangzou (6) ML]


Hangzhou is a city in Zhejiang Province, eastern China, and boasts a population of more than 8 million people. Being only 180km from Shanghai, it is a very prosperous and wealthy city. Hangzhou is built around “the West Lake”, a giant body of water famed for its beauty and tranquillity, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Hangzhou, generally speaking, is a nice place to visit for most of the year, with June to September being the season to try and avoid, as it gets unpleasantly hot and humid.

Typically, food in Hangzhou is based around seafood and pork. A classic dish for this fantastic city is “dongpo rou”, a type of pork in syrup. Probably rather bad for you, but it is exceptionally delicious, nonetheless. Hangzhou also produces one of the most famous types of green tea in the entire country, called “Longjing”.


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