About Us

As one of the very few DMCs that share joint western
and Chinese ownership and management, at
Orientis DMC we believe that China is more than a
‘once in a lifetime’ destination to be ticked off a
traveller’s wish-list. Offering a wealth of history, culture and natural beauty, unspoilt beaches that easily rival those of better-known destinations, and countless fascinating towns and cities, China is evolving and becoming more accessible to western visitors.
We’re passionate about delivering experiences that will encourage visitors to return to this remarkable country time after time. Whilst we may have grown over the last decade to become an accredited and market-leading Destination Management Company specialising in the provision of tours and travel services in China, Orientis DMC remains, at its heart, a family-run business committed to the values of friendly, personal service, customer focus and offering value for money.

Based in offices throughout China, Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet, our experienced and dynamic team lives and breathes China and we pride ourselves on providing the widest range of services to tour operators and travel agencies, presenting innovative and exciting tours and experiences, which we can personally tailor to fully satisfy each individual’s needs.

From the beginning, our simple philosophy at Orientis DMC has been to showcase the best of China by delivering comprehensive, high-quality and individually-tailored guest experiences in this dynamic marketplace. Continually travelling throughout China on a monthly basis enables our management team to explore the very latest developments and we ensure that every tour we undertake stays on track and that guests can relax and enjoy the best possible on-the-ground support from the moment they join us until the moment they leave.

Our focus upon innovation and providing an outstanding guest experience enables us to deliver the quality, flexibility, transparency and value our partners expect of us, to build confidence and form mutually beneficial long-term partnerships and to provide better communication, trust and stability in the challenging Chinese market place as we bridge the cultural gap between west and east.